our dogs

our dogs

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Our great 10 year old male who is 100% German



A wonderful 8 year old female who was purchased from Ukraine at 6 months of age



A 5 year old male who was the pick of Fletch and Holli's second litter



Kena is 4 years old, her Dam was from Finland

our dogs are family

BDH has made some nice improvements to the whelping/weaning room, increasing the area by 30% when needed. Also, we added a paved/fenced 200 SF living area outside for the puppies and it is connected to the whelping/weaning room and puppy yard so they will have plenty of room to play and exercise when they are old enough to do so.  BDH has added a Deer Skin dog box, and topper complete with wifi-temperature sensors, and cameras to the truck. Additionally, we built a custom kennel on a trailer for our 4 dogs that we can pull with our side by side or truck. We hope to get to an AKC event or field trial or two this year. The next chapter of Brown's Dachshund Hunt has begun!!

My dogs live and travel with us as part of our family. We include them in all of our daily activities and our lives revolve around them! They sleep at night in beautiful Mason Sani-kennels just a few feet from my bedroom and our whelping and weaning area is even closer. The whelping/weaning room also has a separate outside kennel/yard for the puppies as they grow, (see pictures below). Both the main kennel and whelping room have wi-fi cameras and wi-fi temperature sensors. I take great care of our dogs and puppies, keeping them healthy and their living spaces immaculate and sanitary.

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