our facility

our facility

I purchased the property in 2017 and began construction on our home /facility in the Spring of 2018. My home was designed and built with our dogs in mind. Our home and kennel was finished late in 2018 but, that was just the start. We then began to think about how to make our dream of being able to hunt, breed, and train our dachshunds complete. Its was a great property with 66 acres but, all wooded except for the small area cleared for the home/facility. It had lots of deer, rabbits, turkey and all kinds of wildlife. Unfortunately it also has coyotes, which would be a huge problem if not addressed properly!! The planning and completion of our great facility now had to take in consideration keeping all of our dogs safe. That began in Febuary of 2019. We carved out and opened up 3 acres around the house/facility and installed a 6 foot chain link fence around the perimeter of the 3 acres. Before we set the posts in the ground, we used a backhoe to dig a 1' wide and 1' deep trench so the posts could all be set down into the trench. This enabled the bottom of the fence fabric to be below ground level. After the posts were set, fence stretched and completed, we filled the trenches with 60,000 pounds of #2 stone under and around the bottom of the chain link fabric. We then coved the stone with dirt, enabiling us to keep all the fence fabric 4-6" below ground level. We did the same on the black 5' foot fence for the area around the house/kennel. This was done so nothing could dig it's way under any of the fence! We have also installed mason sani kennels inside with a seperate welping and weaning area inside and outside for our puppies. It's now a beautiful, safe place for our dogs to live in and to be trained. We finished phase one of Brown's Dachshund Hunt on November 5, 2019.

Phase two has taken place over the last two years, with many changes and upgrades inside and outside the main fenced area. We have about a months worth of work outside the fenced area, finishing up work which has included clearing heavily wooded areas for food plots, trails through the woods along with two nice box blinds. We have hunted the property very little the last five years and our deer population is growing in size and numbers! God willing, phase two will be completed by mid to late summer of 2022. Phase three, which is enjoying and using the property with all the hard work we have done for the last five years to the fullest! You can scroll down thru the pictures and see the improvements that we have made inside the fenced area the last couple of years. Upon completion of the entire property this summer we will post pictures and videos of our great facility including the entire training and hunting area. The dream and vision is about to become a reality!!!

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