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I now have 4 adult dogs(picture above) and they are all  AKC  registered and DNA tested. Fletch,(red collar) our great 9 year old male who is 100 % German. Holli,(Far left) a wonderful 7 year old female who was purchased from Ukraine at 6 months of age. Whitey,(orange collar) a 4 year old male who was the pick of Fletch and Holli's second litter. I added Kena,(green collar) a female puppy from Goodwood's Dachshunds in Oregon to our family in November 2019 and she is 3 years old. Kena's dam is from Finland, (FC Keski-Maan Ivy Me). Her sire, (FC Goodwood 'To Good To Be Silasnced), both have fantastic bloodlines.

Kena had her first litter in early February 2022. She had 5 puppies and it was just an awesome litter, with no problems at all. They were all placed in their new homes in just a few days after they were 8 weeks old.

Kena's 2023 Litter-All 8 spots for her current litter have been reserved!

2/24/2023 Update- Kena's 2023 litter-  Kena whelped yesterday and had 8 puppies. She and the puppies did very well! They are all nursing well and i'm watching them very closely. It's a very large litter for her, so the first few days of their life is very fragile and important. I will take a picture latter today and post it at the bottom of this page. I will check for the sex latter today then do a video Sunday after getting a little rest. Please call if you have any questions!

2/26/23 update-Kena and all 8 of her puppies are doing great! None of the pups lost any weight the first 24 hours(which is common) and all have gained good weight every day!!! A video was filmed this morning and is on the video update page now. There are 5 females and 3 males! Another day of sleeping off and on and I should be all rested up. I got my first two hours of sleep at one time last night since Wednesday and feel more human this morning!!! LOL- I could not be happier with kena and her litter!!   Additionally, I will be working on the youtube video's in the next few weeks making them look a bit more professional.

3/2/23 Kena and her puppies are awesome! All of the puppies doubled their weight in 6 days. I will do another video this weekend and post it on the video update page so you will can to see the change in them. It sure is amazing! 

Update 3/5/2023-5:00 PM--Kena had a rough day yesterday in which she threw up and did not eat for a while. I have nursed her back to health and she is eating as normal. Milk production slowed way down and I was just about to step in with feeding the puppies, but she is back to normal and producing milk.  The puppies are back to gaining weight, but it has been a bit of a rough ride for 24 hours. I just did film a video and will have it posted in a few hours. Steady as she goes, we will be out of the woods tomorrow with this issue /I believe, god willing. I will not rest until I have done everything humanly possible. If you believe in prayer please do so!!!! If you have any questions please call .

Update 3/6/23  9:45 PM Kena is doing very good and eating very good!!! The puppies all have gained 2 oz in the last 24 hours. I am getting some sleep and as a matter of fact I went to sleep during a meeting on Zoom this morning and we are are laughing about that!!! Some one said let him sleep he needs it!!! LOL Thank you God for giving me the strength to stay awake with no coffee and thanks to all of you for your thoughts and prayers too! It truly made a difference!!

Update 3/9/23 All is well with Kena and the puppies!! it's a constant task to keep the puppies rotated so they all get milk and keep gaining weight and to keep Kena healthy. She only has 6 teats and the front 2 are not big producers. So it's vital to keep weighing them and rotating them so when she drops milk the ones who need it get it!!! I'm all in on that, so rest assured I will get the job done. I may need to supplement a few of them at some point and will if needed, but not yet. I have changed the process for weighing and rotating them and when/how I let momma nurse them and, it seems to be working better!!  Another day or two and we shall know for sure, the first day was very successful !!!  A video that was filmed today is posted on the video updates page. Thanks for watching the video's and posts!

Update 3/13/23 Kena and all her puppies are doing very good. I did need to start supplement feeding them a few days ago. On average about 3 of the puppy's a day, in order keep them all gaining good weight. Kena is doing a great job and producing a good amount of milk, but it's a big litter for her. I track by weight and color of their collars every 4 hours and they nurse every 4 hours and Kena is eating good every 4 hours!! I rotate who goes first each time so in order to keep all of their weight gains as close to 2 oz a day as possible. So, any that are looking a little short of that get a little help from me. I'm thinking when they reach 3 weeks of age(which is Thursday) they will all be strong enough to go longer between nursing and all continue to gain good weight daily without my help. Also, at about 3 1/2 weeks when they get teeth they will start lapping from a bowl and then a ground up mush. Please keep your thoughts and prayers coming though, we still have work to do!!   I will do a video in a couple of days so you can see them. All of their eyes are open, they are barking and starting to walk!  They look great too!!!

Update 3/15/23 -- Great news!!!! I tried bowl feeding milk replacer to the 3 puppies that were on the do not nurse feeding interval at 5:00 pm today. They all lapped the milk replacer out of a small bowl!!! 2 were great and 1 so so, and I bet she will do better next time! That is a big deal!!! So it looks like no more tube feeding to keep their weights up when they are out on a feeding session with momma and need a little boost. Another few days of this and by mid week next week I should be able to go to 5/6 hour feedings Intervals!!! Very exciting !!!!  I did film a video earlier today before I tried this. It is posted on the video updates page.  I'll do another update in a few days on the progress. Thanks to all of you for following along on the journey!!

Update 3/20/23--kena and all of her puppies are awesome!! I started to introduce ground up kibble and milk replacer mixed up early this morning. One more feeding session and they all will have 1 round under their belt. They are all taking to it with little hesitation!!! I will most likely start working on a 5 hour feeding schedule tomorrow and try 6 hours in a few days!!! God willing, they are on their way!!! I did film a video yesterday and it is posted on the video updates page. 

Update 3/25/23 6:30 PM -Kena and all her puppies are doing good! I have backed off to feeding every 6 hours and their eating gruel is going ok. I would like to see them eating the gruel a bit better and the change to feeding/nursing every 6 hours is something they need to adapt to..it is an adjustment and their weight gains have slowed a bit during this adjustment. This is the last real hurdle for them. Momma is getting tired and is just about ready to wean them. We will get it done, we are just not there yet. I did film a video of them playing late Thursday night/Friday morning and it is posted on the video updates page. If you have been praying-please don't stop, this transition is very important!! PS--I will film another video late tonight or tomorrow and get it posted! Follow up update @ 9:00 PM 3/26/23 --Saturday and Sunday all the puppies have been eating their gruel really well!!! I filmed a video yesterday evening and it is posted!!! Thanks for all you thoughts and prayers---They really do help me and the puppies!!!!

Update 4/1/23 7:15 PM - Kena and all 8 of her puppies are doing great!!! I filmed a video yesterday morning and it will be on the video updates page in about an hour!!

Update 4/5/23 Kena and all 8 of her puppies are awesome! I did film a video this morning and it is posted on the video updates page!! Thanks for checking in and watching the videos!!!

Update 4/9/23- Kena and all her puppies are fantastic!--All 8 have been weaned from nursing for about  5 days. I will film a video around noon today and it will be posted on the website before 5 PM today.

Update-4/14/23--Everyone is doing great!! A video has been posted on the website 4/14/23

Update 4/30/2023-- All of Kena's pups have gone to their new owners and homes! They were all picked up in about 5 days, with the last 2 pups leaving on Tuesday 4/25/23. Thank you !!! To everyone for driving here and picking up your pups. 1 to Wisconsin, 2 to Oklahoma, 1 to North Carolina, 1 to Illinois, 1 to Pennsylvania, 1 to Minnesota, and 1 to Indiana. I know the they have all gone to wonderful homes!! It was a great experience for me. With God's help and strength I gave them the very best care possible, I left nothing on the table, no stone uncovered, and I will continue to do the same with future litters!!!  Thank You in advance for doing the same!! Randy




Kena 2024 litter-All 7 spots have been reserved, so if you have interest in being on a cancelation list please fill out the submission form on the contact us page and then call 574-528-1000 to talk to me personally. 

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