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I now have 4 adult dogs(picture above) and they are all  AKC  registered and DNA tested. Fletch,(red collar) our great 9 year old male who is 100 % German. Holli,(Far left) a wonderful 7 year old female who was purchased from Ukraine at 6 months of age. Whitey,(orange collar) a 4 year old male who was the pick of Fletch and Holli's second litter. I added Kena,(green collar) a female puppy from Goodwood's Dachshunds in Oregon to our family in November 2019 and she is 3 years old. Kena's dam is from Finland, (FC Keski-Maan Ivy Me). Her sire, (FC Goodwood 'To Good To Be Silasnced), both have fantastic bloodlines.

Kena had her first litter in early February 2022. She had 5 puppies and it was just an awesome litter, with no problems at all. They were all placed in their new homes in just a few days after they were 8 weeks old.

Kena's second litter was in February of 2023. She had 8 puppies and she and all the puppies did great! they all were placed in their new homes just a few days after they were 8 weeks old. 

Kena's 2024 litter will be born on approximately 3/1/2024 and 6 of the 7 pups have been reserved. If you have interest please fill out the submission form on the contact us page and I will get back to you.   

We are looking forward to and beginning work in preparation for her next litter and are now planning some new things for the website. We will start working on this in October, adding new updated pictures and videos to the website. Bow season begins October the 1st, and we are hoping for a great hunting season with a lot of action for our dogs. I'm planning on doing some training sessions that will be filmed and posted for viewing  and hopefully a couple of tracks of deer that have been taken and recovered.

We are all doing great here at BDH, and Jill Brown and I are back together so you will begin see her in some of the videos and pictures as she is a tremendous support and help. 

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All of our dogs and puppies are AKC registered. To find out more visit AKC Marketplace.

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