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I now have 4 adult dogs(picture above) and they are all  AKC  registered and DNA tested. Fletch,(red collar) our great 10 year old male who is 100 % German. Holli,(Far left) a wonderful 8 year old female who was purchased from Ukraine at 6 months of age. Whitey,(orange collar) a 5 year old male who was the pick of Fletch and Holli's second litter. I added Kena,(green collar) a female puppy from Goodwood's Dachshunds in Oregon to our family in November 2019 and she is 4 years old. Kena's dam is from Finland, (FC Keski-Maan Ivy Me). Her sire, (FC Goodwood 'To Good To Be Silasnced), both have fantastic bloodlines.

Kena had her first litter in early February 2022. She had 5 puppies and it was just an awesome litter, with no problems at all. They were all placed in their new homes in just a few days after they were 8 weeks old.

Kena's second litter was in February of 2023. She had 8 puppies and she and all the puppies did great! they all were placed in their new homes just a few days after they were 8 weeks old. 

Kena's 2024 litter will whelp on approximately 4/25/2024 and all 7 pups have been reserved. If you have interest her 2025 liter, it will open up for reservations on approximately on 5/14/2024.  

Update 12/27/2023 The 2023 bow season was a great one! I killed a beautiful 4 1/2 year old 9 point with my compound bow and Fletch made a great recovery on 11/5/23!!! Those pictures will be added soon!!! But, Fletch started having some problems early in December. We took him to his local vet and after 10 days with no improvement his condition worsened. We took him right away to Dogwood Veterinary Referral Center in Michigan that specializes in Neurology. They did an MRI that day and it revealed a herniated disk. Surgery was performed the next day and he did well and the surgery was a success!!! His prognosis is good!!! It's a lot of work taking care of him and the other 3 dogs are at my friends Ray's kennel for a few weeks allowing him to get the rest he needs. It's been quite an experience and not without emotion!!! We are thanking God and our faith is strong that he will recover fully!!!! He will run again and not be weary!!!!! 

Update 1/11/24 Great news!!!  Kena started her heat cycle on Tuesday 1/9/24!! We will keep you updated when the breeding is completed. Fletch is making great progress, and Whitey and Holli are back home from Ray's. They still have to be separated from Fletch as his condition is still very guarded while his rehab continues.

Update 1/19/24 - Fletch is doing great and making progress every day it seems!! Whitey and Holli are enjoying being home. Kena is still at Ray's and her heat cycle stopped after one day of spotting blood which was the 9th. We are thinking she will fully come into season in the next week but, right now who knows. She never has been real consistent and maybe, being displaced from her home is throwing her off!!! I am going over to Ray's every day and helping him get through this cold snap so I'm keeping a close eye on her and giving her some attention. We will continue to update the sight once a week now or as soon as things change!!

Update--1-31-2023--Fletch is continuing to improve and we are starting to allow Whitey and Holli to spend time with him but only when we can monitor their interaction. Kena is doing great and she is still at Ray's. I see her every day as I am helping Ray at his kennel until he feels better. She still has not begun heat heat cycle. She has been irregular throughout the last couple of years since Holli was Spayed two years ago so, i'm still not overly concerned at this point. We will hold steady for several more weeks before we start thinking about what are options are!! She was a month late last season!! 

Update 2/16/2024 Great News!!!! We brought Kena home from Ray's last Friday and she started heat heat cycle on Wednesday the 14th so, this is day 3 !! I think just getting her home and around the 3 other dogs triggered her!!! We will try to keep her here for a couple more days, before taking her back to Ray's to stay until she finishes. Fletch is continuing to rehab very well but, it would be too much for him to keep Kena here during her whole heat cycle and breeding. We will take Whitey to her for breeding around day 9 and for 3 days total. I will do an update as soon as we get started breeding!! 

Update 2/26-24--Whitey and kena bred successfully on the 22,23, and 24th! She is still at Ray's but will come home this weekend and all 4 of our dogs will be back together!! It's been a bit tough at times but we are just about through this bump in the road!! Fletch is continuing to get stronger and we are overjoyed about that!!! The target whelp date for Kena's 3rd litter is Thursday April the 25th!!! 

Update 3/20/24 Fletch is doing awesome and all of the dogs have been back together for awhile now! The last few months sure had it's tough spots but what a valuable learning experience in the dog world!!! Thank God things are returning to normal here at BDH!!! Kena is starting to show a little bump in her belly so it does look like there are puppies in the oven!!! 

Update 4/3/24- Fletch is continuing to make steady progress! Kena with out a doubt is pregnant!! She will be seeing the vet next Friday for an exam and x-rays, so we will know how big her litter will be!  We will post that info no latter than Saturday.

Update 4/13/24 Kena had a visit to the vet on Friday the 12th! She is doing great and the x-ray showed 7 puppies! The vet's seem to always say, you never know for sure and I have known that to be true! Her target date is April the 25th. We will start doing videos once a week about a day after they Whelp! So we very excited to start this journey again with all of you!!! If you have any questions please feel free to call, text, or email any time.

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